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 Jasmine has ambitious aspirations and intends to continue its rapid controlled expansion and successes to date

The Future

Jasmine has ambitious but well founded aspirations for its future and intends to continue to build on its rapid controlled expansion and successes to date. As well as continuing to extend and improve our current homes, we intend to purchase new homes fitting our criteria. In particular, we shall look for homes that have the potential to be developed to also provide independent living accommodation like Orchard Court.

We aim to be a mid-sized corporate operator (500-1,000 beds) within five years. However, we are aware of the changing trends in the market and the government’s policy towards elderly care. We are consequently intending to focus more on the provision of nursing, dementia and other more specialist areas of care.

We are excited and optimistic about the future and look forward to positively contributing to the development and improvement of the provision of elderly care in the UK.


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